MMC Virtual Meeting
Mary Raygoza
“Teaching Mathematics as Compassion, Connection, and Collective Resistance: Online Classrooms with Justice at the Center”
September 25, 2020; 7:00 pm

During these uncertain times, how do we as teachers provide rigorous mathematics instruction, while building strong, positive relationships with our students? More importantly, how do we do such things with maximum efficiency, from a remote location, with nothing more than a computer and a Zoom app? Finally, how do we maximize math instruction and relationship building with students that may lack the necessary resources and structures needed for efficient remote learning? Dr. Mary Raygoza will address such questions in her talk, as she discusses how to make the most of remote instruction, keeping equity at the forefront, while simultaneously minimizing stress to ourselves.

Dr. Raygoza is a professor of mathematics education at St. Mary’s College in California. She has been published extensively and has had multiple speaking engagements in the past decade, on the topics of justice and equity in education and mathematics. Recently, Dr. Raygoza has extended her interests and expertise to include the subject of online instruction. Earlier this year, she presented a very well – attended and well – received workshop, as part of NCTM’s 100 Days of Professional Development, entitled Humanizing Online Mathematics Teaching: Possibilities and Resistance, in which she spoke about building beloved classroom community, fostering equitable participation, connecting mathematics to students’ lives and the current world, and engaging students in collaborative group work, within the context of an online classroom. Additionally, Dr. Raygoza published a paper recently, entitled COVID – 19, Exponential Growth, and the Power of Social Solidarity: The Math Behind the Virus.

Joining Dr. Raygoza in this virtual presentation, will be Kelsey Macias, a mathematics teacher from California. Ms. Macias frequently collaborates with Dr. Raygoza, and was a co-presenter for the Humanizing Online Mathematics Teaching workshop.

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