December 1st Virtual Meeting
Mark Kiraly

How COVID Has Change Our Perspectives and Flexibility While Teaching Math in the New Normal

This month MMC welcomes Mark Kiraly. He has  been teaching in Denton, TX since moving from the Midwest (Michigan) 30 years ago. He has been teaching calculus for 25 years and reading AP Calculus Exams since 2005 (as a question leader and exam leader since 2013). He started consulting in 2016 and with my friend Virge have been making YouTube and AP Daily videos since the spring of 2020. In that time he has also  helped approve and edit some review books and texts. His wife teaches AP Bio around the corner from him at Ryan HS in the room she took AP Bio. They live in Denton with their son and daughter, 3 cats, and an Australian Shepard. They have chickens and ducks but he tries to keep his poultry responsibilities to a minimum. 

Mark’s talk will focus on changes he has made to his practice in the last few years. (Remember what it was like teaching prior to 2020?) I don’t think I do, but in this talk Mark will help us by sharing some of the changes that he has become aware of; things that have changed for both the better and the worse. He’ll discuss changes that he did and didn’t expect as we emerged from the pandemic, what he would have kept (both begrudgingly and gladly), and what he’d have left behind as we all try to reach “normal”.

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