President Matt Moran Software Developer
President-Elect Serg Cvetkovic Kelly High School
Past President Mary Wiltjer Glenbrook South HS
Board Chair Sheila Hardin Oak Park & River Forest HS
Secretary BethAnn Ball Maine South HS
Treasurer Carol Nenne Lemont HS (retired)


Board of Directors
(where applicable)
BethAnn Ball Maine South HS 2018-2021
Steve Condie Illinois Math and Science Academy (retired) 2018-2021
Serge Cvetkovic Thomas Kelly HS 2017-2020
Peter DeCraene Evanston Township HS 2017-2020
Carrie Fraher Glenbrook South High School 2018-2021
Sheila Hardin Oak Park & River Forest HS 2017-2020
Danielle Leibowitz Mundelein HS 2018-2021
Aimee Hart New Trier HS 2019-2022
Matt Moran Software Developer 2017-2020
Nicolette Norris Chicago Vocational Academy 2019-2022
Steve Starr 2019-2022
Mary Wiltjer Glenbrook South HS 2019-2022


Appointed Positions

Community Relations and Development
Conference Chairs Nicolette Norris
Rose Sterr
Conference Registrar Peter DeCraene
Finance Committee Chair
Historian Paul Christmas
Membership Coordinator Mary Wiltjer
NCTM/ICTM Liason Steve Condie
Points and Angles Editor Sara Curran
Publicity and Posters Paul Christmas
Scholarship Chair Carrie Fraher
Social Media Chair Danielle Leibowitz
Webmaster Peter DeCraene


The Board of Directors and President-Elect are elected by the general membership each year. Those serving as President, President-Elect, and Past President are not automatically voting members of the Board of Directors, unless also elected to that position. The positions of Board Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary are elected by the Board of Directors. All other officials are appointed by the President, with the approval of the Board. Officers and officials (with the exception of the Board Chair) may or may not be voting members of the Board of Directors; the Board Chair must be elected from the current Board membership.