Welcome to the
Metropolitan Mathematics Club
of Chicago!

MMC is accepting applications for the MMC Scholarship for High School Seniors interested in becoming math teachers! Click here for the application. They are due on March 8. (Maybe bring the application to our next dinner meeting on that date?)

Thank you to Annie Fetter for sharing her thoughts about Sense Making at our January meeting! We always love hearing from Annie!

Thank you to all the speakers who presented at the
2024 Conference of Workshops!
And thanks to all who participated! We’re happy to be able to provide such an excellent professional development opportunity.
Watch for a request for speakers in August for our 2025 Conference; registration will start in November.

Upcoming Events

Who we are …

Math teachers from all over Chicagoland and beyond, from early childhood educators to high school teachers to college professors, from teachers just starting their careers to experienced educators to wise retirees, and industry professionals with a love for math and math education.

We are Affiliate #1 of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. That national organization was founded through the efforts of the MMC.

What we do …

  • Provide professional development opportunities for math educators
  • Encourage the growth and well-being of the math teaching profession
  • Provide a social outlet for professionals to share their stories and collaborate

How we do it …

The MMC hosts dinner meetings an online webinars at least six times per year, featuring world-class speakers on topics important to math educators. Folks like Howie Hua, Zalman Usiskin, Eli Luberoff, Marian Dingle, and Gail Burrell have shared their expertise with us.

We host an annual Conference of Workshops, where teachers from around the Midwest come to share their lessons with us.

Special Saturday and Summer Workshops allow even deeper learning with our dinner speakers and members.

Zal Usiskin presents "The Many Facets of Mathematics"

Contact Us!

(If you are trying to make a dinner or workshop reservation, please use the Upcoming Events links at the top of the page.)

Please consider making a donation to MMC using our Zelle address: zelle4mmc@gmail.com

MMC is now a charity on Amazon Smile. If you shop on Amazon, go to smile.amazon.com. This is the same Amazon website with the same products and prices, but a portion of the money spent goes to a charity of your choice. You can list “Metropolitan Mathematics Club Of Chicago” (not the MMC abbreviation) as your charity, and the MMC will get a donation every time you make a purchase.

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