MMC Annual Program

  • September 16
    James Tanton
    Weird Ways to Work with Pi (And have you noticed that the spelling of “weird” is weird?)
    Des Plaines Elks Club
  • September 17 (Saturday Workshop)
    James Tanton
    Patterns: What to do if you Trust Them and What to do if you Don’t.
    Glenbrook South High School
  • November 4
    Peter DeCraene
    Down the Rabbit Hole: Connecting Mathematics and Humanities
  • December 9
    Annie Forest
    Little Kids, Big Math: What a Secondary Math Teacher Learned from Elementary
  • January 20
    Pam Harris
    Reaching More Students in Less Time
  • February 4
    MMC Virtual Conference of Workshops
  • March 3
    Scott Powers
    The Evolution of Batting Statistics in Baseball
    Des Plaines Elks Club
  • May 5
    Eugenia Cheng
    X+Y: A Mathematician’s Manifesto for Re-thinking Gender
    Des Plaines Elks Club