MMC Conference of Workshops 2018


The next MMC Conference of Workshops will be on February 10, 2018 at Benet Academy.  You can see the Program Book here.   Click here for online registration!  See the Program Book for details about mail-in registration.  You must register by January 24.

Please note the following updates/changes to the printed program book:

  • Session 105: Open Educational Resources for Math Education.  The workshop will be appropriate for grades 1-12.
  • Session 326:  Improving Classroom Functioning!!  Looking for activities to motivate students in their initial study of functions? This session will present ideas for how to engage students in exploring function topics including domain & range, piecewise functions, compositions, inverses, and transformations. TI Nspire activities/Desmos included!!
  • Session 225: Function Fundamentals    This session will highlight some of the nuances of functions with less formal, non-formula driven examples with which students can expand their understanding.

Thank you to all those who submitted Speaker Proposals!