MMC Virtual Conference of Workshops
Session List

We are happy to present the 2023 MMC Conference of Workshops as a virtual event this year!

The Conference will take place on Saturday, February 4, 2023, via Zoom. You can attend on your computer or dial in on your phone from the comfort of your own home! Emails with links to sessions will be emailed to participants during the week before the conference. Pre-registration online is required. Registration for this year’s Conference is closed.
Session titles are below; you can find full session descriptions here as a pdf.

See you soon!

The Virtual Cafeteria will open at 8:00, and will be open through the end of the conference. Stop here between sessions, take a break to hang out with colleagues, or check with the Registrar if you have questions.

Session 1 (8:30)
1A: Go Slow to Go Fast: Slow Reveal Graphs and Numberless Word Problems (Annie Forest) K-9
1B: Eco-Math: Calculations for People and the Planet (Katie Grams) 3-5
1C: More Inspiration and Ideas from James Tanton (Steve Viktora & John Benson) 7-12
1D: How to Design Programs: Computer Science Isn’t Just Java (Andrew Mauer-Oats) 7-12
1E: (Cancelled)
1F: Finding the Maximum and Minimum Values of A Quadratic Function on a Closed Interval (Wenjiang Tu) 10-14

Session 2 (9:50)
2A: Rainbow Color Value System: A universal number system for fundamental number concepts and operations (Xiuwen Wu) K-2
2B: Building Thinking Classrooms (Hillary Yanai) 2-6
2C: Math Circles: Creating a Mass Movement (Douglas O’Roark) 5-12
2D: Implementing Standards-Based Grading (Beth Runkel) 7-16
2E: A Technology-Enhanced Introduction to Logarithms (Ray Klein) 10-12
2F: A Century of Mathematics Problems with Clever Solutions (Chris Jeuell) 8-13

Session 3 (11:10)
3A: Focus on Making Connections: Compare and Connect K-5 (Jennifer Leimberer) K-5
3B: When Will We Use This? Math Related to Trees, Weather, and Climate (Cathy Kaduk) 4-7
3C: Elevating Language in Our Math Classrooms (Annie Forest) 4-9
3D: The Amazing Origami of 60º (David Masunaga) 6-12
3E: IGTDTWMK I Got To Do This With My Kids! 25 Clever Activities on TI-84 (Tom Reardon) 8-12
3F: What Do You Do in AP Classes during and after the Exam Period (Steve Viktora & Dane Camp) 11-12

Post Session Discussion from 12:10 to 1:10 in the Virtual Cafeteria.

Pre-registration online is required. Registration for this year’s Conference has closed.

We are able to continue to provide this workshop because of the generosity of our members. Please consider making a donation to MMC using our Zelle address: