MMC Virtual Conference of Workshops
Session List

We are happy to present the 2021 MMC Conference of Workshops as a virtual event this year!

The Conference will take place on Saturday, February 13, 2021, via Zoom. You can attend on your computer or dial in on your phone from the comfort of your own home! And registration is FREE!
Sessions are below; you can find full session descriptions here as a pdf. And, you can register here.
See you soon!

The Virtual Cafeteria will open at 8:00, and will be open through the end of the conference. Stop here between sessions, take a break to hang out with colleagues, or check with the Registrar if you have questions.

Session 1 (8:30)
1A: 7 (ate) 9: Multiple Ways to Factor in Oracy in Math (Amber Denbo & Erin Gleason) K-8
1B: Toothpaste and Student Interactions!?! Fostering Equity via Routines, Structures, and Relationships (Sean Nank & Jackie Murawska) 6-8
1C: Formative: Differentiate Assessment & Feedback (Marti Shirley) 6-12
1D: Let Regression Lead to Progression!! (Scott Knapp) 9-12

Session 2 (9:50)
2A: Rich Virtual Resources for Primary Mathematics (Annie Forest) K-2
2B: Developing Engagement During Remote and Hybrid Learning Models (Angela Marshall) 6-12
2C: Using Feedback to Empower Students with Desmos (Scott Miller) 6-12
2D: Google FORMative Assessment (Neva Curry) 7-13
2E: Conceptual Problems for Calculus (Ryan Sutherlin) 9-12

Session 3 (11:10)
3A: Get a kick out of Classkick! (Elizabeth Bushek & Elizabeth Nemecek) K-12
3B: Reinforcing Algebra Foundations (Raquel Lopez & Cory Gilroy) 6-10
3C: Impossible Problems (John Benson & Steve Viktora) 7-12
3D: How to Remember 7 Trigonometric Half and Double Angle Formulas by Using a Semi Unit Circle AND How to Find the Exact Value of sin(18°), sin(36°), sin(54°), & sin(72°) (Wenjiang Tu) 10-14

Post Session Discussion from 12:10 to 1:10 in the Virtual Cafeteria.

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