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October 2001

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Taking Visualizing Mathematics One Step Further:
Dynamic Visualization
Wade Ellis
West Valley College, Saratoga, California

When we think of mathematical concepts, many different images come to mind; but how can you use these images to teach mathematics?  Almost every year that I have taught, I have encountered that age old question posed by students: “When am I going to use this?”  However, when I have answered this question with a real world situation, it was through a verbal response.  To the student it had little meaning.  But what if I had a “dynamic visualization” to introduce a mathematical concept?  I know it would enhance the meaning of mathematics to my students as they encounter the new concept.  Hopefully students would see the world of mathematics through other dimensions -- Dynamic Dimensions.  So in  order for me to begin to explore this avenue of Dynamic Visualization, I must first discover it myself.
 On Friday, October 26th, Wade Ellis of West Valley College (located in the San Jose, California area) will provide us the opportunity to look at Dynamic Visualization in the High School Curriculum.  Wade will use graphing calculators and computer software to give us examples of adding his “rich” background in mathematics, along with his many other skills and experiences, to see the images in our textbooks dynamically.  He is the author of many textbooks, the Principal Investigator of a National Science Foundation funded project, a past officer of MAA, and a recipient of an Excellence in Mathematics Award.
 Please join us at Berghoff’s located in the heart of the Chicago Loop on Friday, October 26th, for an evening of “Dynamic Visualization in the High School Curriculum” with Wade Ellis.
                                                                          ---- Pat Bowler Johnson

New to the Teaching Field?
Or Just Wanting to Know More and to Improve?

I still remember when I began teaching and I had so many questions, part of it was how to survive and others were geared to best practices.  We are going to have a new article in the Points and Angles that is for those of you who are new and for those of us that are always looking to improve what we do.  Please submit questions to gpryjma@aol.com or gpryjma@hotmail.com and George Pryjma will submit possible solutions or ideas that would address your question.  George is an honored, well respected, and recently retired high school mathematics teacher from Niles North High School and has a lot to offer all of us.

Points from the Interior

I really hope that everyone had a good start to your school year.  Obviously, I am referring to the days before September 11th.  After September 11th, I had slipped back into my summer reflection mode.  This event has helped me put things into perspective.  Things that I thought were really important aren’t as important as they seemed at the time.  That is the every day stuff such as “Is there going to be a different bell schedule for the day?  How would I adjust to it and still get everything done in my classes? etc.”  Instead, I know that I love my husband even more than I did before.  I really enjoy my students even more than I did before and see them in a clearer way.  I really appreciate what my department does each and every day with their students and with each other.  I enjoy my math friends even more than I did before and that includes every Metropolitan Math Club member.  I really cannot wait to see everyone on October 26th at Berghoff’s.  How has your perspective on things changed since September 11th?  How has this event changed your teaching and your relationships with your students and colleagues and your family?

Now onto business!  Your Board of Directors met on August 22nd and discussed a few things such as how to increase our membership, fund raisers, and how we as a club can assist and influence our new teachers.  As of August 22nd we had 315 members and Mary Wiltjer had sent bright orange cards to help all of us remember if our dues are paid.  Conrad Wayne spoke about ways we can get more scholarship applicants by looking at the rubric that is currently used to evaluate applications and additional ways to advertise about this great opportunity.  Even though Suzanne Rzepka and Toni Seidelman were not able to attend, they did give a report on the progress of our Saturday conference, which will be January 26th at Homewood Flossmoor High School.  Randy Pippen, the government relations person, had created a listserve for our board.  We talked about extending it to our membership.  Are you interested in being on this listserve?  Please let us know.  We had examined our by-laws and were relieved that we are still working within their framework.  If you would like to have us discuss something, please feel free to e-mail me at ftribbey@d113.lake.k12.il.us (yes, I am at another school this year!) by November 10th.  Our next board meeting is November 13th.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at our October 26th Friday night gala with Wade Ellis!  I also hope to see many of you at ICTM in Peoria!

                                                                                 -Fern Tribbey

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